Ecosystems: Kelp Forests

kelp forest
Sunlight filters through the dense kelp canopy bringing light to the sea floor, which allows growth in the understory. (Photo: Kip Evans)
Welcome to the National Marine Sanctuaries Ecosystems section. Here we will describe and discuss a habitat present in one or more of the national marine sanctuaries. Kelp forests are currently being featured.

We'll focus on the scientific and science-to-management aspects of kelp forests resources and management in the national marine sanctuaries. In these pages you will find:

  • A description of kelp forests within the sanctuaries and a look at the keystone species - the sea otter.

  • A discussion of management and how the sanctuary program affords a more comprehensive protection of kelp forests within its boundaries.

  • A description of the natural and anthropogenic impacts that affect these kelp forests.

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