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National marine sanctuaries are living classrooms that can be explored in person or through interactive digital labs and activities. In this section, you will find games, online story books, information on marine careers, activities, free materials and other cool stuff.


Ocean for life Ocean for Life
The Ocean for Life program is an initiative to increase cultural understanding through ocean science. Ocean for Life provides high quality, immersive ocean field studies and follow-on education programs to facilitate cross-cultural learning, appreciation, and lasting experiences between Middle Eastern and Western students. The next proposed Ocean for Life field study will take place during the summer of 2015.

Ocean Kid's club Ocean Guardian Kids Club
Kids Make a Difference - Become an Ocean Guardian and join our kids club today!

Migration GameHumpback Whale Migration Game
Humpback whales are found in the oceans worldwide. They hold the record for the longest migration among mammals. Play the Migration Game to find out more about humpback whales and how you can help protect them!

Ocean's liveOcean Guardian Activity Book
This activity book created by the NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and Marine Debris Program is appropriate for children in grades Kindergarten through 3rd. Learn about the ocean and why its important through word searches, games, and coloring pages. You can also sign the Ocean Guardian Pledge to protect the ocean and all the creatures that live in it.

Ocean's liveOcean Adventures Interactive Games
Sharks are under seige! Help save sharks like the great white in "Predator Protector." Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Then join the TV film crew in "Whale Watcher" and videotape gray whales breaching. In "Kure Waste Chase," race to clean up the island in this fast-paced game.

explorers campSanctuary Explorers Camp
On a crisp morning, the fog barely rolling off the Golden Gate Bridge, a group of campers from a San Francisco Recreation and Parks center tumble out of their van and into the sanctuary offices' parking lot. They are full of energy, chatting and roughhousing before facing the instructors. They are visibly nervous at encountering new faces, but cover it easily by talking with friends, and reluctantly circle up with us, slowly warming up while we play a simple introductory name game. Some children crave the spotlight while others shun it, but all of our new campers will emerge as Sanctuary Stewards by the end of the week. Read more about this exciting program and how you can get involved in the future.

deep workerVirtual Submersible Dive
Take a virtual tour of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary using a single-person submersible, called DeepWorker 2000. Explore the canopy of a kelp forest and watch sea lions dart by in search of food. This virtual dive was developed in partnership with the National Geographic Society.

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