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Nim's IslandExplore Nim's Island
The movie Nim's Island tells the fictional story of an adventurous girl named Nim, who lives on a remote island in the South Pacific. Check out the fun educational resources related to this movie.

seafloor mappingInteractive Seafloor Mapping Animation
Children are invited to explore seafloor mapping and learn how NOAA charts millions of nautical miles around the U.S. With a seafloor detective on call, kids embark on an online voyage which, with lead lines and numbered ropes, begins with the first survey mapping the U.S. seafloor in 1834 and advances to today's modern SONAR survey tools.

Chumash tribe canoeVirtual Submersible Dive
Take a virtual tour of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary using a single-person submersible, called DeepWorker 2000. Explore the canopy of a kelp forest and watch sea lions dart by in search of food. This virtual dive was developed in partnership with the National Geographic Society.

USS MonitorTour the wreck of the USS Monitor
The Monitor National Marine Sanctuary protects the wreck of the famed Civil War ironclad USS Monitor. Explore the Monitor as it exists today through this interactive map.

Coral polypsCoral Reef Tutorial
Learn about coral reefs from an online tutorial, an educational roadmap to resources, and formal lesson plans.

TidesTides and Water Levels
Learn about the complex systems that govern the movement of tides and water levels.

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