Webinar Series

photo of collage of deep coral sea life

The National Marine Sanctuary Webinar Series provides educators with educational and scientific expertise, resources and training to support ocean and climate literacy in the classroom. This series targets formal and informal educators that are engaging students (elementary through college) in formal classroom settings, as well as members of the community in informal educational venues (e.g. after school programs, science centers, aquariums, etc.).

Upcoming Webinars

photo of a northern elephant seal

February 23, 2017 at 6 pm Eastern / 3 pm Pacific

Males vs. Females: Feeding Behavior of Northern Elephant Seals

Sarah Kienle, Dr. Nancy Foster Scholar, University of California, Santa Cruz, Long Marine Lab

Male and female northern elephant seals exhibit dramatic differences in size, shape and behavior. My research compares the feeding behavior of male and female seals to understand how the sexes use marine resources throughout the North Pacific Ocean.


photo of a student building an rov

March 22, 2017 at 6 pm Eastern / 3 pm Pacific

Explore Your Own Watershed with Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

Sarah Waters, NOAA Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Building your own ROV is not as complicated as you think! Find out how students near Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary are designing and building their own ROVs to explore the Thunder Bay River and Lake Huron, as well as participate in environmental stewardship projects. This webinar will showcase how ROVs are used to explore our national marine sanctuaries and provide a basic overview of designing and building ROVs with students for your own explorations!