Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
National Geographic Field Study

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Youth Media Project
Student Photographers
And Their Teachers
Sadde D. Baron/Aelfric Wolf, Oregon
Ben Brandis/Sherri Garcia, Hawaii
Hannah Mac Brown/Juli Kluss, California
Roman Candejas/Vince Kosato, California
J.P. Loomis/Lori Krubsack, California
Kovia Phan/Zamaria Rocio, California
Annmarie Rodriguez/Gabriel Gonzalez, California
Patrick Roka/Thomas Pannone, Connecticut
Matthew Sata/Rennee Klein, California
Alex Slack/Chris Miller, Maine
Jennifer R Smulo/Dena Deck, California
Zachary Veshancey/Jason Rutchauskas, Virginia &
Susanna Frohman, Photojournalist/Youth Media Project Leader

Slide Two:

Field Study Staff
NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program:
Laura Francis
Claire Johnson

National Geographic Society
Francesca Cava
Susanna Frohman
Melissa Goslin
Greg Marshall

Channel Islands National Park:
Kathy DeWet-Olson
Claire Fritzsche

University of California Natural Reserve System:
Lyndal Laughrin

University of California Sea Grant Program:
Lynn Whitley

Ocean Futures:
Richard Murphy

Center for Image Processing in Education:
Michelle Kinsel

The Channel Islands Field Study Program is an “Oceans for Life” student/teacher education project sponsored byt the National Geographic Society and NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary Program.  This project was conducted at the University of California Natural Reserve System, Santa Cruz Island Reserve, and the University of California at Santa Barbara.  The reserve is protected and managed by the Nature Conservancy.

Slide Three:

Dedicated to the original Field Study Program participants who died in a September 11, 2001 plane crash while en route from Washington D.C. to California.

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