Grays Reef National Marine Sanctuary
National Geographic Field Study

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This past week, we all came together from different places all over the country.

Even though some of us came from land locked states, we all share the same ocean, whether it is rain, snow, humidity or the open sea itself.

This week we have learned that where you live has nothing to do with it, the ocean affects you no matter what.

Slide Two:

When we leave for our own state, we might not remember statistics, percentages, or the name of some of the different species;

But we will all live with a better understanding, idea of, and respect for the people, culture and coastline of Georgia.

And now we will let our photos speak for themselves…

Third Slide:

Rivers to Reefs…A Visual Journey

Last Slide:

Student Photographers

Karen D’Angelo
David Day
Amy Ridings
Carlos Orozco
Boomer Wilkinson
Austin Carlson
Junko Kondo
Brigid Murphy
Shauna Burns
Darriel Jones
Kelli Schrader
Alexandra Modley 

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