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Where do we buy fish?
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  What gets fished?
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How are fish caught?
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This website is intended to assist educators, students, and the general public in learning more about fish, fisheries, and fishermen*. To explore these subjects, the website includes background information (Fish & Fishery Facts) as well as numerous Resources.

Focusing on Monterey Bay fisheries as a case study, the Voices of the Bay Fisheries Education Curriculum uses engaging, hands-on activities to provide a deeper understanding of the marine ecology, economy, and culture that surrounds fisheries. The curriculum meets a range of science, math, social studies, and communications educational standards for students in grades 6th to college. Additional fisheries related curriculum and activities are highlighted in the Resources section.

*The term used to describe people that catch fish changes depending on the region of the country, type of fishery, species caught, etc. In some disciplines the term fisher is used. However, we use the terms commonly used in California, by referring to a person who catches fish commercially as fisherman (regardless of sex) and a person who catches fish recreationally as an angler.

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