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Overflight Regulations

Overflight prohibitions have been in place for many years, and in February 2012 a Final Rule standardized NOAA regulations across the sanctuaries to reflect a consistent and clear regulatory approach. The regulatory modifications were required by the FAA in order to post a clear notice to pilots on aeronautical charts about low overflight prohibitions in national marine sanctuaries along the west coast.

Full text of the amendment to the Overflight Regulations for the Channel Islands, Monterey Bay, Gulf of the Farallones and Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuaries is posted in the Federal Register (Vol 77, No.17; published on Jan. 26, 2012) as the Final Rule (PDF, 160KB) effective Feb. 27, 2012. For the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations visit 15 CFR Part 922.

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