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Earth Is Blue

When astronauts first launched toward the moon and looked back at our planet for the first time, they made an unexpected discovery: Earth Is Blue. We will be sharing a photo each day and a video each week highlighting the wonder and beauty of these special places and the work we do to protect them.

Join us as we explore America's national marine sanctuaries and share your own images of our national marine sanctuaries using the hashtag #EarthIsBlue.

Stories from the Blue

Join us as each month as we tell Stories from the Blue celebrating the people at the center of national marine sanctuaries and marine national monuments.

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Sanctuary Atlas Maps

Maps of national marine sanctuaries.

Sanctuaries Media Library

The National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library is an online vault where a comprehensive collection of public domain photographs and short video clips from all 14 marine protected areas that NOAA manages and NOAA Ocean Exploration and Research are stored and available for searchable access and download.

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Encyclopedia of the Sanctuaries

In this online guide, you will find photos, streaming video and important biological information for over 100 marine species from each of the national marine sanctuaries in the United States.