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Stetson Bank is dominated by fire coral (Millepora alcicornis), algae, and many species of sponges. The front side of the pinnacles drop down steeply to depths beyond scuba diving capabilities, and behind them, smooth out to flats, covered at times with Dictyota meadows - a type of brown algae. According to researchers at University of Southern Louisiana (under the direction of Dr. Suzanne Fredericq), is rather unusual for the banks depth and location. Seen in this picture in the flats are bermuda chub (Kyphosus sectatrix). Large schools of chub often congregate underneath vessels moored at the banks. They come down to the substrate to be cleaned, or to forage. Queen conch (Strombus gigas), southern stingrays (Dasyatis americana), nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) and long-spined sea urchins (Diadema antillarium) are common inhabitants of the Stetson Bank flats. (photo: Frank and Joyce Burek)

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