Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk Project

There are a variety of units to choose from both indoor and outdoor, specs are listed below.


Hardware Specs.

Plynth Classic Unit: is a sleek freestanding unit which looks great in any environment. Its ultra thin design has an attractive brushed aluminum skin.The standard monitor is a 17-inch LCD flat screen that has a viewable area equivalent to a 19-inch CRT. There is a lockable access panel at the back making upgrading and maintenance easy. Its structure combines strength, attractiveness and cost effectiveness.

RTS Airport Unit: is an attractive and economical kiosk. It’s clean design, small footprint, and all-in-one, easy access, configuration makes the RTS a huge hit in airport locations.

Flat Screen Outdoor Wall Mount: is our most compact design. Rugged, narrow and flexible. Mounting kiosks to a wall is an excellent way to save space and integrate self-service functionality into your specific location.

Flexi Outdoor Option 1: The Euro Touch Outdoor kiosk is weatherproof, vandal resistant, affordable, functional and beautiful. Each kiosk unit has four long bolt down rods designed into the enclosure to insure long-term stability.The touch screen is the brightest and is readable in direct sun light. The kiosk is a sleek freestanding unit that can be used in any outdoor environment. The unit’s internal temperature is self-regulated. This outdoor model will adapt to all four seasons and protects its electronic components from extreme temperatures. Unlike other outdoor kiosks, the Euro Touch Outdoor model does not need to be sheltered from the elements.

Flexi Mega Outdoor Wall Option 2: The Euro Touch FlexiMegaOutdoor Wall – for tough conditions outdoors. A sophisticated ventilation system, climate technology, a very robust design made in anodized aluminum and an extremely weatherproof surface coating ensure a perfect appearance whatever the weather.The entire front door of the kiosk opens, giving easy access to the contents and additional components can be accommodated with ease.

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