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Education and the Alligator

“The Hunt for the Alligator is not only about unlocking the secrets of the deep and the past, but also capturing the imagination of our nation’s youth, who represent our future.  Whether or not we find the Alligator, we will move ocean science and exploration forward, and hopefully inspire more than a few budding scientists and historians along the way.”

--Daniel J. Basta, director, NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program

Click here for lesson plans specific to the Alligator mission.  These lesson plans offer a comprehensive look at the search through history, geography, oceanography, math, English and science.  Teachers can download lesson plans to follow the hunt for the Alligator, and/or use in the classroom post-mission.  Topics covered are connected to the national education standards in a unique and exciting way.  Students will be able to transform their studies into a documented mission to find the U.S. Navy's first submarine. 

Lessons to be Learned

The Hunt for the Alligator literally offers educators a vehicle for bringing science, history, and even languages into the classroom.  We invite you and your students to join the hunt by taking advantage of the resources on this Web site!
  • Bathymetry
  • Sedimentation
  • Weather
  • Pressure
  • History-U.S and World
  • Conservation/Corrosion
  • Technology
  • Tides and Currents

Education Lesson Plans

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