Operator Corner

photo of a dolphin

Already Dolphin SMART? Have you taken your yearly Operator Refresher Course? Click here to begin!

Become Dolphin SMART

Do you want to be Dolphin SMART? If you are interested in becoming Dolphin SMART, contact the Dolphin SMART coordinator in the areas below where Dolphin SMART has been implemented.

Click here  to view the checklist of participation criteria to become Dolphin SMART.


Please look at the Dolphin SMART program framework for details about the program. The framework provides detailed explanations on the program's mission and how it supports wild dolphin conservation; program criteria; outreach and education; how to become Dolphin SMART; and the benefits of being Dolphin SMART.

Outreach Corner

Need more information about wild dolphins?  he Outreach Corner has FAQ's, various outreach and education tools, materials, and related research articles about dolphin behaviors and harassment.

Contact Us

Whether you're a Dolphin SMART participant or looking to become Dolphin SMART, let us know what you think about the Dolphin SMART program. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.