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Ocean Guardian Dive Club FAQs

What is the Ocean Guardian Dive Club?

The Ocean Guardian Dive Club is a youth dive education program designed to strengthen youth involvement in diving and ocean conservation. This program uses real National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) marine science content to teach students how they can become ocean stewards. Students ages 8-12 participate in a multi-day program at their local dive shop, or other partner organization, where they conduct both classroom and pool based sessions learning about diving techniques as well as issues relating to national marine sanctuaries.

What do students learn?

Students will learn about special places in NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary System and important ocean conservation topics. Students will also learn basic ocean literacy concepts and be given examples of ways that they can become ocean stewards. Students will practice important diving skills and learn about basic science diving concepts.

What is the stewardship project?

The Ocean Guardian Stewardship Project is a stewardship activity or project that Ocean Guardian Dive Club partners implement as a way to create a positive environmental change in their community. Ocean Guardian Dive Club students, partner organization staff, and other community members are encouraged to attend. For instance this may be a beach or watershed cleanup or a campaign to reduce ocean pollution. Learn more about the impacts of Ocean Guardian School Stewardship Projects.

How can students become a part of the Ocean Guardian Dive Club?

The Ocean Guardian Dive Club is being piloted by partner organizations around the country. Please see the list below to contact a partner organization close to you.

Sea Sports Belize

Catalina Sea Camp
Dive N Trips

Denver Divers
Ocean First

Abyss Dive Center
Rainbow Reef Dive Center

Jack's Diving Locker

Learn Scuba Chicago

New Jersey
Rutgers University Scuba

North Carolina
Discovery Diving

Dive World Austin

North Carolina
Rum Runner Dive Shop

Lynnhaven Dive Center
Nautilus Aquatics

Washington, DC
Blue Planet Scuba

How can dive shops and other organizations become a part of the Ocean Guardian Dive Club?

Interested dive shops and other organizations should read the Ocean Guardian Dive Club handout and contact Claire.Fackler@noaa.gov to express interest in becoming an Ocean Guardian Dive Club partner.


For more information or questions about the Ocean Guardian Dive Club, please contact Claire.Fackler@noaa.gov.