Pride in the Ocean Career Panel

June 23, 2022

During the month of June, the National Marine Sanctuary System will be celebrating Ocean Month and LGBT Pride Month through our #PrideInTheOcean campaign. Our goal is to raise the visibility of LGBTQ+ ocean scientists, athletes, appreciators, and more. Our ocean is for everyone, no matter who you love, and we want to know how you take pride in this blue planet. This event will be hosted by Olympic Coast and Mallows Bay-Potomac River national marine sanctuaries and will celebrate the careers of accomplished marine scientists on the panel.


Dylan Titmuss (they/them) works as a research assistant for Wood Hole Oceanographic Institute currently stationed at the Shoals Marine Laboratory.

Leon Wang (they/ki) is an (Auto)Catalyzing Connector, Exploration Facilitator, and Networks Weaver that works with many impact organizations including Sustainable Ocean Alliance, One Point Five and more!

Matthew Stout (he/him) is the Chief of Staff for NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.

Liz Weinberg (she/her) is an author and science communicator, and the engagement director for the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee.