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Cordell Bank Issue Name:Partnerships with Community Groups  

Problem Statement:
Sanctuaries cannot function without the support of community partnerships. All sanctuaries work with Sanctuary Advisory Councils, community groups and agencies to provide support in reaching out to the community, and building stewardship.

A model that CBNMS would like the community to use is the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association (FMSA). The mission of FMSA is to protect the wildlife and habitats managed by Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary through promoting discovery, education and conservation. In 2000, FMSA coordinated more than 250 volunteers (38,500 volunteer hours) and provided more than $811,339 in programmatic support to GFNMS. As a nonprofit organization, much of FMSA’s work is undertaken with contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

The Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Association works in coordination with the Gulf of the Farallones Sanctuary to enlist volunteers to monitor and protect fragile marine habitats; develop educational programs; offer Sanctuary field adventures and tours; publish newsletters; and create visitor centers, educational materials, and exhibits to enhance the public’s appreciation and enjoyment of the Sanctuary. Projects and programs include: Beach Watch, Emergency Response Planning, Beach Cleanups, California Harbor Seal Census and Monitoring Disturbance to Harbor Seals. This relationship between FMSA and GFNMS has been so successful that CBNMS would like to develop similar community partnerships to support new program development

Working Group Participants:
~Working Group Contact~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Dan Howard CBNMS 415-663-0314
~Sanctuary Advisory Council Members (SAC) & Other Stakeholders ~
Name Affiliation  
Joe Smith CBNMS SAC    
Candice Brown Exploratorium    
Gary Knoblock PRNSA    
Janet More BML    
~CBNMS Staff ~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Jenny Stock CBNMS  
Ruth Howell CB/GFNMS

Working Group Timeline:
Start: February, 2003
Time Location Documents
February 28
9am-1pm GFNMS Office Meeting 1 Agenda (pdf 68K)
March 26
9am-12pm CBNMS
Office Red Barn

Meeting 2 Agenda (pdf 68K)

Meeting 2 Notes (pdf 36K)

April 9
9am-1pm CBNMS
Office Red Barn
Meeting 3 Agenda (pdf 56K)
April 21
9am-12pm CBNMS
Office Red Barn
Meeting 4 Agenda (pdf 52K)
May 23
9am-3:30pm CBNMS
Office Red Barn
Complete: May, 2003

Issue Characterization
Goals and Objectives
Working Group Information
  1.2 Workgroup Structure (pdf 60K)
  1.6 Consensus Based Decision Making (pdf 88K)
  1.7 Workgroup Process (pdf 72K)
  2.1 Template Stucture (pdf 28K)
  2.3b Cordell Bank Program Matrix (pdf 84K)
  2.3c Gulf of the Farallones Program Matrix (pdf 104K)
  2.4 Steps for Management Plans (pdf 52K)
  2.5 Sample Goals (pdf 84K)
  2.8 Potential Critieria (pdf 104K)
Additional Information

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