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Cross Cutting Issue Name: Boundary Issues  

As a component of the Joint Management Plan Review (JMPR), the National Marine Sanctuary Program (NMSP) assembled a crosscutting internal team to address two boundary issues relating to the Gulf of the Farallones and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries. Each issue is briefly characterized at the end of this introduction. The focus of this Team was to address concerns voiced during the public scoping process of the JMPR and to provide guidance and recommendations to the Director of the NMSP on how to resolve the two boundary issues.

Issue Summary
  See the Proposed Action Plans
Final Decision Documents
  Final Decision Document (pdf 556K)
  Official Press Release (pdf 72K)
  March 24th Public Meeting Notice (pdf 144K)
Background Information
  Comparison of Oil and Gas Restrictions In GF and MBNMS (pdf 68K)
  Official Transcript from Workshop Dec 4, 2003 (large pdf 1.6M)
  Workshop Summary and Transmittal Letter from Dec 4, 2003 (pdf 884K)
  Director's Presentation to the GF/MB Advisory Councils Dec 4, 2003 (large pdf 1,4M)
  Boundary Team Draft Findings Report (pdf 736K)
Boundary Team Protocols
  Charter pdf (pdf 132K)
  Process (pdf 128K)
  Objectives/criteria (pdf 144K)
Data Sources
  Central California Biogeography Atlas (link)
  California Spatial Information Library Data Holdings (link)
  California Spatial Information Library Map Viewer (link)
  California Department of Fish and Game Marine Region (link)
  California DFG Marine Region Data Holdings (link)
  California Marine Life Management Act (link)
  California Marine Life Protection Act (link)
  California Fire and Resource Assessment Program Data Holdings (link)
  CalCOFI (link)
  USCG Marine Safety Office San Francisco (link)
  PISCO (link)
  MBARI's Biological Ocean Group Remote Sensing (link)

Team Participants:
~Team Contact~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Mitchell Tartt NMSP 301-713-3125 x184
~Sanctuary Advisory Council Members (SAC) Observers ~
Name Affiliation
Richard Charter GFNMS SAC    
Stephanie Harlan MBNMS SAC Chair    
Dan Haifley MBNMS SAC, Recreation 831-465-9390
Jim Kelley GFNMS SAC    
~Sanctuary Staff ~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Julie Barrow NMSP, West Coast Community Liaison 650-712-8909
Maria Brown GFNMS Acting Manager 415-561-6622
Bill Douros

MBNMS Superintendent 831-647-4258
Dan Howard CBNMS Manager 415-663-0314
Dave Lott NMSP 831-647-4227
Sean Morton MBNMS Management Plan Coordinator 831-647-4217
Brady Phillips NMSP 301-713-3125
Anne Walton

CB/GF Management Plan Coordinator 415-561-6622

Working Group Timeline:
Start: March, 2003
Complete: January 31, 2004
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