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spacer Gulf of the Farallones Draft Management Plan

The Draft Management Plans (DMP) for the Cordell Bank, Gulf of the Farallones and Monterey Bay national marine sanctuaries focus on key issues and opportunities affecting the three sanctuaries. The draft plans contain information about each sanctuary’s environment, priority management issues and actions proposed to address them, regulations, staffing and administration, operational and programmatic costs, and performance measures. They address important sanctuary programs such as public awareness and understanding, conservation science, water quality, emergency response and enforcement, and maritime heritage. The draft plans, released in October 2006, represent a major revision of each site’s original management plan and are the result of several years of study, planning, and extensive public input.

Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary
Draft Management Plan

Section I (pages 0-36):

  • Joint Management Plan Review Study Map • Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Map • Executive Summary • Introduction • Sanctuary Setting • Overview of JMPR Process
  Section II (pages 37-218):
  • Issue-Based Action Plans:
    Water Quality • Wildlife Disturbance • Introduced Species • Ecosystem Protection • Impacts from Vessel Spills
  • Program Area Action Plans:
    Education and Outreach • Conservation Science • Resource Protection • Administration

Section III (219-298):

  • Cross Cutting Action Plans:
    Introduction •Administration and Operations • Community Outreach •Ecosystem Monitoring • Maritime Heritage • Northern Management Area Transition Plan



Appendices (299-430):

  • Appendix I: Ecosystem Protection Implementation Plan
  • Appendix II: Program Area Summary Tables
  • Appendix III: Additional Appendices
    • Appendix IIIA: Jurisdictional Authorities
    • Appendix IIIB: Glossary of Terms
    • Appendix IIIC: Acronyms
    • Appendix IIID: Proposed Revised Designation Document
    • Appendix IIIE: Proposed New Sanctuary Regulations
    • Appendix IIIF: National Marine Sanctuaries Act
    • Appendix IIIG: Species List
    • Appendix IIIH: Invertebrates and Algae
Complete Gulf of the Farallones Draft Management Plan 9.8MB

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