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Gulf of the Farallones Issue Name: Vessel Spills  

Problem Statement:
Recognizing that spills can potentially occur from any transiting vessel carrying crude oil, bunker fuel, or other hazardous material, GFNMS seeks to reevaluate the southern-most approach lane to San Francisco Bay and make a determination on whether a further correction needs to be made on the placement of approach lanes. Of particular concern are potential impacts from spills on marine mammals and sea birds in and around the Farallon Islands. More...

Working Group Participants:
~Working Group Contact~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Maria Brown GFNMS 415-561-6622
~Sanctuary Advisory Council Members (SAC) & Other Stakeholders ~
Name Affiliation  
Jim Kelley GFNMS SAC    
Georger Galasso OCNMS    
Dave Kranking US Coast Guard Commander VTS    
Becky Smyth NOS    
Steve Thompson NOS    
Gerry Wheaton Navigation Manager NOS/OCS    
~GFNMS Staff ~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Ruth Howell CB/GFNMS 415-561-6622

Working Group Timeline:
Start: February, 2003
Time Location Documents
February 13
9am-1pm GFNMS Office Meeting 1 Agenda (pdf 68K)
March 13
1-5pm GFNMS Office

Meeting 2 Agenda (pdf 68K)

Meeting 2 Notes (pdf 76K)

April 11
9am-4pm GFNMS Office Meeting 3 Agenda (pdf 68K)
May 9
9am-4pm GFNMS Office  
May 20
9am-4pm GFNMS Office  
Complete: May, 2003

Issue Characterization
  GF Vessel Traffic (pdf 52K)
Goals and Objectives
  GF Vessel Traffic Goals and Objective (pdf 48K)
Working Group Information
  1.2 Workgroup Structure (pdf 60K)
  1.6 Consensus Based Decision Making (pdf 88K)
  1.7 Workgroup Process (pdf 72K)
  2.1 Template Stucture (pdf 28K)
  2.3b Cordell Bank Program Matrix (pdf 84K)
  2.3c Gulf of the Farallones Program Matrix (pdf 104K)
  2.4 Steps for Management Plans (pdf 52K)
  2.5 Sample Goals (pdf 84K)
  2.8 Potential Critieria (pdf 104K)
Additional Information

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