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Monterey Bay Issue Name: Ecosystem Protection – Benthic Habitats benthic  habitat

The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is dedicated to collaborating with the public in its effort to protect the marine environment. In the ten years since its designation, researchers, managers, and community members have helped the Sanctuary to identify resource protection issues and strategies to augment our management scheme. As part of the Sanctuary’s management plan review process, these recommendations were honed through a series of scoping meetings and public workshops. Fifteen specific issues that were of principal concern to the public and the Sanctuary were identified as areas for discussion in a working group context. The effects of bottom trawling on benthic habitats has been a frequently raised concern and one which the Sanctuary has agreed to address as an important part of this process. More...

Issue Summary
  See the Proposed Action Plans
Draft Action Plan
  Benthic Habitats Draft Action Plan (pdf 180K)
Working Group Roles and Responsibilities
  Roles and Responsibilities (pdf 24K)
  Consensus Based Decision Making (pdf 24K)
Meeting Preparation
  Scoping Comments (pdf 16K)
  Meeting 1 Agenda (pdf 12K)
Additional Information
  Effects of Trawling and Dredging on Seafloor Habitat (link)

JMPR Documents

Working Group Participants:
~Working Group Contact~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Huff McGonigal MBNMS 831-647-4254
~Sanctuary Advisory Council Members (SAC) & Other Stakeholders ~
Name Affiliation
Kaitilin Gaffney MBNMS SAC, Conservation    
Peter Grenell MBNMS SAC, Harbors    
Steve Shimek MBNMS Conservation Working Group    
Rikk Kvitek CSU Monterey Bay    
Fiorenza Micheli Hopkins Marine Lab    
Linda Kuhnz Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute    
Lisa Wooninck National Marine Fisheries Service    
Rick Starr CA SeaGrant    
Don Doddson Commercial Fisherman    
~MBNMS Staff ~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Erica Burton MBNMS 831-647-4246

Working Group Timeline:
Start: January, 2003
Time Location Documents
January 29
2-6pm MBNMS Main Office Meeting 1 Agenda (pdf 12K)
Complete: April, 2003
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