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Monterey Bay Issue Name: Coastal Development – Submerged Cables

Internal Team Contact:
Jenny Hauser, MBNMS, phone: 831-647-4210, email:

Issue Description:
See the Proposed Action Plans

Installation of submerged cables in the MBNMS alters the seabed causing significant environmental impacts and potential hazards for fishing activities. Submerged cables may be used for commercial, defense or research related activities. MBNMS regulations currently prohibit alteration of the seabed but the Sanctuary does not have clear policy guidance in reviewing applications for installation of submerged cables that will be submitted in the future. Currently submerged cable applications are reviewed on a case by case basis however, up front policy guidance for future applicants would provide for a more efficient permitting process and inform future applicants as to preferred alternatives prior to submitting an application. As part of this process, MBNMS will develop a framework to identify sensitive areas of the seafloor within the Sanctuary and provide a clear policy structure with which to review future submerged cable development applications.

Internal Team Participation:
Irena Kogan, MBNMS/MBARI


Start: January, 2003
Complete: March, 2003

Outcomes and Products:

  • Framework to develop nationwide guidelines on appropriate locations and restrictions for submerged cables.