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Monterey Bay Issue Name: Water Quality – Desalination desal equipment

Desalination is the process by which salts and other chemicals are removed from salt or brackish water. It is also known as Desalinization or Desalting or commonly referred to as “desal”. As traditional sources of fresh water continue to be depleted and degraded, society is increasingly looking toward desalination as an option for obtaining water for both private, and municipal freshwater supply. In the past it has not been used extensively, primarily because the cost of the product water has been so much higher than that from conventional sources. With more efficient desalting technologies being able to produce the water cheaper, in conjunction with escalating costs of obtaining fresh water from conventional sources, desalination is starting to look more and more attractive as an option to many proponents. More...

Issue Summary
  See the Proposed Action Plans
Draft Action Plan
  Desalination Draft Action Plan (pdf 364K)
Working Group Roles and Responsibilities
  Roles and Responsibilities (pdf 24K)
  Consensus Based Decision Making (pdf 24K)
Meeting Preparation
  Meeting 4 Agenda (pdf 12K)
Additional Information
  Scoping Comments (pdf 20K)

JMPR Documents

Working Group Participants:
~Working Group Contact~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Brad Damitz MBNMS 831-647-4252
~Sanctuary Advisory Council Members (SAC) & Other Stakeholders ~
Name Affiliation
Charles Lester MBNMS SAC, California Coastal Commission    
Ron Massengill MBNMS SAC, At Large    
Richard Nutter MBNMS SAC, Agriculture    
Mike Bekker Cannery Row Company    
Jane Delay Save Our Shores    
John Fisher MBNMS Conservation Working Group    
Tom Luster California Coastal Commission    
Pete Raimondi UC Santa Cruz    
Leslie Rosenfeld Naval Postgraduate School    
Matt Thompson Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board    
~MBNMS Staff ~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Holly Price MBNMS 831-647-4247
Steve Lonhart MBNMS/SIMoN 831-647-4222

Working Group Timeline:
Start: January, 2003
Time Location Documents
January 30
1-5pm MBNMS Main Office Meeting 1 Agenda (pdf 12K)
February 12
8:30-12:30pm MBNMS Main Office Meeting 2 Agenda (pdf 920K)
March 12
8:30-12:30pm MBNMS Main Office  
April 24
8:30-12:30pm MBNMS Main Office Meeting 4 Agenda (pdf 12K)
Complete: April, 2003
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