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Monterey Bay Issue Name: Coastal Development – Harbors and Dredge Disposal dredge

The periodic dredging of the local harbors is a necessary component of keeping the harbor channels clear and allowing access for all types of vessels. Though the Sanctuary does not directly regulate or restrict the act of dredging itself, i.e. the removal of sediment from the harbors and their channels-- that activity is exemptfrom MBNMS regulations--the MBNMS does have a regulatory role when considering proposals to discard dredge disposal sediments offshore within the National Marine Sanctuary. Dredging generally occurs with harbors which are outside of the Sanctuary boundaries. More...

Issue Summary
  See the Proposed Action Plans
Draft Action Plan
  Harbors and Dredge Disposal Draft Action Plan (pdf 2.3M)
Working Group Roles and Responsibilities
  Roles and Responsibilities (pdf 24K)
  Consensus Based Decision Making (pdf 24K)
  Considerations for Prioritization (pdf 24K)
Meeting Preparation
  Meeting 4 Agenda (pdf 16K)
Additional Information

JMPR Documents

Working Group Participants:
~Working Group Contact~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Deirdre Hall MBNMS 831-647-4207
~Sanctuary Advisory Council Members (SAC) & Other Stakeholders ~
Name Affiliation
Brian Foss MBNMS SAC, Harbors    
Peter Grenell MBNMS SAC, Harbors    
James Raives MBNMS SAC, California Coastal Commission    
Jim Anderson Fisherman    
Kenneth Coale Moss Landing Marine Labs    
Monty Criss Business Tourism Activity Panel    
Susan Danielson Save Our Shores    
Mike Guth Santa Cruz Lawyer    
Linda Horning Moss Landing Harbor    
Ryan Lodge Regional Water Quality Control Board    
Brian Mulvey National Marine Fisheries Service    
Brian Ross U.S. Environmental Protection Agency    
Steve Shimek MBNMS Conservation working Group    
Kim Sterrett CA Department of Boating and Waterways    
Shelah Sweatt Army Corps. Of Engineers    
~MBNMS Staff ~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Holly Price MBNMS 831-647-4247

Working Group Timeline:
Start: January, 2003
Time Location Documents
January 31
February 13
March 20
April 25
Complete: April, 2003
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