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Monterey Bay Issue Name: Interpretive Facilities  

Issue Description:
Comments by the public and the SAC suggested an important issue facing the Sanctuary was a lack of awareness of the resource issues facing our local oceans. Facilities for education, research, and outreach provide a critical vehicle for interaction and developing a sense of stewardship with the constituent base of the MBNMS. The original 1992 management plan for the MBNMS included an expectation that visitor center(s) would be developed along the Sanctuary’s shoreline. Progress on this issue was finally made in the past year with the commencement of a Feasibility Study to evaluate possibly siting a visitor center, developed with partners, at one of 3 possible sites around Monterey Bay.

The MBNMS will develop strategies to provide for the development of an MBNMS Visitors Center and Regional Interpretive Centers using the recommendations from the Feasibility Study. This will be completed around January and work on an action plan for development will begin at that time. The MBNMS will also identify necessary signage and interpretive center needs throughout the sanctuary.

Draft Action Plan
  See the Proposed Action Plans
Additional Information
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  MBNMS Visitor Center Information

Internal Team Participants:
~Working Group Contact~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Dawn Hayes MBNMS 831-647-4256
~Sanctuary Staff ~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Michele Roest MBNMS 805-927-2145
Jen Jolly MBNMS 831-420-1630

Internal Team Timeline:
Start: January, 2003
Complete: May, 2003

Outcomes and Products:

  • Action Plan to develop a MBNMS Visitor Center in the Monterey Bay area
  • Sanctuary-wide program identifying necessary resources and location for appropriate signage, kiosks, and interpretive centers