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Monterey Bay Issue Name: Water Quality – Memorandum of Agreement Revision

Working Group Contact:
Chris Coburn, MBNMS phone: 831-420-1670, email:

Issue Description:
See the Proposed Action Plans

The MBNMS developed a Water Quality Management Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with key agencies as part of the 1992 Management Plan. This MOA provided an ecosystem based water quality management process that integrated the mandates and expertise of existing coastal and ocean resource managers to protect the resources, qualities, and compatible uses of the Sanctuary. This MOA outlines agency roles and responsibilities, procedures for decision-making, agreements for coordination of management research and monitoring efforts. Numerous activities have taken place since 1992 which need to be reflected in the MOA, such as development of four WQPP plans, the state’s nonpoint source control program, etc.

Working Group Participation:
SAC Members & Other Stakeholders
Craig Wilson, MBNMS SAC, California Environmental Protection Agency
Existing MBNMS Water Quality Committee (26 members)

Holly Price
Bridget Hoover
Katie Siegler

Outcomes and Products:

  • Updated MOA that reflects developed and future WQPP plans and other new interagency programs.