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Summary Scoping Document

Report to Sanctuary Advisory Coucils
February 25, 2002

The Summary Scoping Document organizes and synthesizes all the the comments recieved at the scoping meetings and in written format. This document will be used by the Cordell Bank, Gulf of the Farallones, and Monterey Bay Sanctuary Advisory Coucils (SACs) as they prioritize issues to be addressed during the Joint Management Plan Review.

Summary of Document (pdf 76K)

Cross-Cutting & Site Specific Issues Tables (pdf 180K)

Appendix 1: Full List of Issues Raised at Scoping Meetings & in Writing (pdf 120K)

Appendix 2: Joint Management Plan Review Process Diagram (pdf 24K)

Sanctuary Advisory Council Prioritization Worksheets and Instructions

Instructions & Examples (pdf 20K)

SAC Worksheets (pdf 24K)

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