kids on a fishing boat

Fishing gives young people the opportunity to get out on the water and connect with their national marine sanctuaries. Photo: Sanctuary Classic

Fishing Happens Here

What better way to experience your national marine sanctuaries than on the water? Fishing provides opportunities for people of all ages to get to know the ocean and Great Lakes, gives families time to connect, and helps young people better understand underwater life. In national marine sanctuaries, recreational anglers give back and support strong marine environments by practicing sustainable fishing and boating techniques, advocating for fisheries data and science, and improving fish habitats.

With everything from fly fishing in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to sport fishing for king mackerel in Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary, and lake trout or walleye fishing in the Great Lakes within Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, national marine sanctuaries have something for every kind of angler!

person standing on a boat fly fishing
Fly fishing, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Photo: Will Benson
close up of a rod reel
Fishing rod and reel, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary; Photo: Nick Zachar/NOAA
man removing a hook from a fish
Fisherman holding lingcod, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Photo: Matt McIntosh/NOAA
man holding a fish he caught
Fishing guide holding mangrove snapper, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Photo: Matt McIntosh/NOAA