Thunder Bay

A trout swims above a shipwreck

Photo: NOAA

Lake Trout

Stealthy divers exploring the shipwrecks of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary may encounter fish like the lake trout. The diversity of fish species in the Great Lakes spans a spectrum from warmer water species in shallow nearshore areas to cold-water species like lake trout found in deeper, open waters.

A map highlightingthe majority of canada, the grat lakes and parts of the united states

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Salvelinus namaycush

DIET: Other fish; some crustaceans and insects

WEIGHT: Average 9 to 10 pounds

LIFESPAN: 25+ years

AGE AT MATURITY: 6-7 years

THREATS: Habitat degradation and invasive species

STATUS: Varies throughout the U.S.

FUN FACT: This freshwater fish is popular with recreational anglers in and around the sanctuary.