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Reviews and evaluations will be undertaken every six months (June and December) to determine: appropriateness of the work plan and that milestones have been met; successful implementation of activities, established timelines and budgets have been met; and determine if any specific problems and or issues need to be addressed or a course correction made. A technical review will be undertaken for each pilot project training program and curriculum. A post-project evaluation will be conducted in December 2006 - January 2007 to determine effects of pilot project on participating MPA sites, and benefits derived by implementing partners. A final report will be submitted to the National Marine Sanctuary Program, NOAA affiliates and all participating partners.

The follow-up program after the pilot training may include: 1) setting up a formal information exchange with other resource management agencies, and regional and global MPAs; 2) regional and national forums to discuss current management issues, and new and emerging issues;  3) annual regional meeting of MPA managers; 4) additional training programs; 5) mentor programs; and/or 6) study exchanges. In order for training participants to be eligible, they must show that they have carried out their “implementation contract” over a twelve month period.

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