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South China Sea Pilot Project

South China Sea Project Overview
South China Sea Project Report (pdf, 5MB)
South China Sea Project Evaluation

Management Capacity Building Mid-Term Review Report (pdf, 140K)
Vietnam MPA Network Charter (pdf, 48K)
Example Project from Con Chim MPA in Vietnam: Increasing Community Participation through Education Programs (pdf, 528K)

Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape Project

ETPS Need Assessment, English (pdf, 112K)
ETPS Need Assessment, Spanish (pdf, 164K)
ETPS Training 1, English (pdf, 72K)
ETPS Training 1, Spanish (pdf, 72K)
ETPS Training 2, English (pdf, 60K)
ETPS Training 2, Spanish (pdf, 56K)
ETPS Training 3, English (pdf, 56K)
ETPS Training 3, Spanish (pdf, 52K)
Planning for Sustainable Tourism Final Workshop Report (pdf, 1.1MB)

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