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South China Sea Project Evaluation

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Mentorship Evaluation of Mentorship Training

At the completion of four days of Mentorship Training, each of the eight participants completed a course evaluation form. The purpose of this evaluation form was to determine if the curriculum enhanced the mentors' skill and knowledge base in such a way that they felt prepared to be the team lead and mentor for their small group through 14 days of training. Mentorship skills and knowledge base were evaluated at the end of the 4-day training through both self-evaluation and an interview with a training coordinator. Additionally, each mentor had an extensive evaluation form and exit interview at the end of the 18 days of training to self-evaluate and evaluate the effectiveness of the course.

Participant Evaluation of MPA Training

At the conclusion of 14 days of training, each of the 35 participants completed an MPA Training course evaluation form. The purpose of this evaluation form was to determine the appropriateness of the content, how well it was delivered, and how effective the learning tools (training manual, case studies, etc.) were. Also, participants were queried about additional and future training needs.

Mentor Daily Evaluation of MPA Training

Each evening, immediately following the day's training session, all 8 mentors met with the training coordinators and instructors. The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate that day's content for relevancy, presentation of information, and effectiveness of learning tools. Recommendations were made, and new teaching approaches implemented the following day. This time was also spent reviewing the next day's lesson plan and preparing the mentors for their roles and responsibilities during that day. This was a highly effective approach to making immediate evaluations and adjustments to serve the learning needs of the participants.

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