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2008 Conference Presentations

Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas (3.1M)
Chuck Haugen (3.5M)
Evaluation (304K)
Kids for the Bay (1.8M)
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (882K)
Multicultural Education for Resource Issues Threatening Oceans (1M)
Multicultural Environmental Education (286K)
NOAA Resources (2.2M)
Oak Grove School (3.2M)
San Francisco State University-Reaching Out to Communities and Kids with Science in San Francisco.pdf (1.7M)
San Jose State University - Moss Landing Marine Labs (6.1M)
Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (4.5M)
University of California Santa Barbara-Teacher Enrichment Adventure in Watershed Education and Training (3.7M)
Water Quality (3.8M)

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