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Unique Places Addressing Key Issues Facing Our World
During this challenging period marine sanctuaries continued to connect communities while working on solutions to complex problems. Now more than ever the protection of sanctuaries is critical to the health of fragile ecosystems. (14.8 MB)
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What Will You Do
How much do you appreciate what the ocean has to offer? What will you do to see that it endures for your children? (28.2 MB)
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Your National Marine Sanctuaries
Like nowhere else on Earth, your National Marine Sanctuaries are a premiere system of special places that are diverse in range and epic in scope. (284.3 MB)
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Gray's Reef Fish Tagging Study
Each year, the NOAA ship Nancy Foster visits Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary to support a variety of sanctuary science missions. One such project involves studying the movement of commercially and recreationally important grouper and snapper using tags. (102 MB)
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Stellwagen SWEEP - Restoring Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Marine debris is killing our oceans. See how people are making a difference in Stellwagen Bank. (66.7 MB)

Safe Boating in your National Marine Sanctuary
Learn how to properly use a mooring buoy in this informational video. (18.3 MB)

Sanctuary Sam - Don't Trash Where You Splash
Sanctuary Sam teaches people of all ages to learn to put trash in its place and not in the ocean. (18.7 MB)

Sanctuary Sam - Be Wildlife Wise
Learn from Sanctuary Sam as he teaches you proper ocean etiquette. (16.9 MB)

Sanctuary Sam - Make a Difference
Sanctuary Sam says our oceans are in need of our help and we can make a difference today. (2.8 MB)

Ocean for Life Youth Media Projects
This link takes you to a sampling of the multimedia projects that the students created during the Ocean for Life program.

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