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After a classroom presentation on the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, San Francisco Bay Area children were asked to write poems to express what they had learned. To thank Sanctuary staff for coming to talk to the class, many also sent in drawings of what they remembered. The following are selections from these submissions.

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Kids Gallery

"Blue whales that swim around Cordell Bank are bigger than a school bus" -- by Casey, Farallon View Elementary.


"Something Fishy"

Cordell Bank is a Sanctuary
It's brimful of life
The fish are never cranky
The place is very swanky

by Jimmy, 4th Grade, West Marin School


"Cordell Bank"

Visit Cordell Bank every day
Watch all the dolphins play
Sit there all day and night
And they never fight

"Many animals live on Cordell Bank, like this octopus" -- by Ian, Farallon View Elementary.


Singing, diving, fat, fat whales
Spouting, swimming, slow, slow, whales.
Hopping, flipping, big, big whales.
Turning, playing, Iike whales.

by Jennifer

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