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This area, just off western Maui, is frequented by humpback whales during their winter migration in the Hawaiian Islands. click image for more...(photo: Brady Phillips)

The Sanctuary boundary extends from the high-water mark on the shoreline to a 600-foot depth offshore. The area shown here, off the north shore click image for more... (photo: Jean Souza)

The dazzling peaks off the island of Kahoolawe are just one the many types of coastlines seen throughout Hawaii. Shorelines range from white sandy beaches on Oahu to the tallest seacliffs in click image for more... (photo: Marc Hodges)

The Makapuu Point Lighthouse, located at the edge of the Oahu Sanctuary boundary, is a popular hiking spot and whale watching station. click image for more... (photo: Kellie Araki)

The waters off the north shore of Kauai are included in the Sanctuary boundary. The Sanctuary program sponsors a number of click image for more... (photo: Jean Souza)

Tide pools along the coastline of Hawaii are home to many endemic Hawaiian sea creatures. Shallow tide pools offers explorers of all ages a chance to get up close and personal with the miniature marine life. (photo: Susan Scott)

The underwater crater known as Molokini Crater is a striking example of a nearshore coral reef. click image for more... (photo: Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources)

The corals of the Hawaiian Islands, such as the Finger coral (Porites compressa) click image for more... (photo: Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources)

These two species of fish, the Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus) and the Milletseed Butterfly fish click image for more... (photo: Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources)

Hawaii is the only state which continues to grow geographically each year. Here, a spectacular display of molten lava pouring into the ocean off the click image for more... (photo: Susan Scott)

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