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Project Mobilization: July 12- 20, 1999

Divers from NOAA and the project construction contractor, Team Land Development, completed a number of pre-construction tasks to ready the site of the Columbus Iselin grounding for restoration. These mobilization activities included:

1) checking mooring points on the bottom that will anchor the construction barge in place over the site;

2) establishing a mooring point in deeper water in case the barge needs to move away from the sensitive reef area during severe weather;

3) marking the work zone with distinctive buoys to alert the public to avoid the area for safety reasons;

4) removing recreational mooring buoys from the work zone; and

5) conducting a test pour of the tremie concrete (in deep water away from the reef zone) to determine if there are any mix or turbidity issues.

The construction barge arrived in the area on July 13, but with winds at 15-20 knots and seas at 2-4 feet, they could not proceed to the work site until July 20, when calmer conditions prevailed. Recreational mooring buoys were pulled when the barge moved on site. The deep water mooring point was established and the construction zone marked.

The underwater test pour of the tremie concrete mix was initially delayed due to rough seas and a mixing computer malfunction that caused delays in the concrete supply. However, a successful test pour was made and work on the first two spurs began.

Worksite Images

Contractor's barge being moved on site.

A batch pack (1 cubic yard) of specialized marine tremie cement being emptied into a concrete mixer located on the barge.



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