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Repair of the Second Two Spurs: July 31- August 5


July 31, 1999

Thirty-two cubic yards of concrete was shipped out to the barge via the landing craft. Tremie pours were conducted on both July 31 and August 1 on Site "E." With the remaining boulders being placed to grade on the site. An unavoidable "blowout" of concrete occurred through an unseen opening in the sediment, this spilled a small amount of tremie concrete into the adjacent sand channel. Cleanup of this will take place after completion of the restoration work.

August 1, 1999

The Kane Film and Video LLC film crew contracted to NOAA starts filming restoration work. Water clarity and visibility was extremely good, waves were calm. The team finished several tremie pours and placed most of the surface dressing or topping boulders on Site "E". Click here to see recent images from the restoration site.

August 3, 1999

Thunderstorms, lightning and high winds forced the barge to pull off the site and retreat to the storm anchor mid-day. One of the mooring points was damaged and will have to be replaced.

August 4, 1999

The project team located and placed a new mooring point for the barge and also located and placed a mooring point for the inspection boats on site. The barge remains on the storm anchor. The rest of the project team returned to shore to catch up on paperwork and get supplies.

August 5, 1999

The barge moved off the storm anchor and into Key West (Stock Island) to pick up more concrete and other supplies and to ride out the weather. The team is expected to move back on site tomorrow.

Worksite Images


View of the Team Land Development Inc. barge at the Stock Island (Key West) mooring site, loaded with boulders and "chinking stones".


Rebar lattice and boulders at repair site prior to concrete pour.


Fresh tremie concrete pour at site "E".

Repair site "F" after final surface dressing. Note some filamentous algal covering the surface dressing, and returning fish.

Overview of site "E" from the contractor's barge.

A multi-lobed colony of Siderastrea siderea transplanted directly onto site "A".



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