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We hope that these methods allow (students) to link the undersea world to their view of our blue planet.


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Classroom Activities

Grades 9 - 12
Grades 7 - 9 (forthcoming)
Grades 3 - 6 (forthcoming)
Grades K - 2 (forthcoming)
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For students, the Sustainable Seas Expeditions are an exciting application of science and geography in action. For teachers, the Sustainable Seas Expeditions provide a way of using the National Science Education Standards and the National Geography Standards to truly involve their students in their own learning. The sample activities on the following pages were developed by teachers and built on the content and methods of these two standards.

Sustainable Seas Expeditions provides an opportunity to engage students in the excitement of real time exploration-the heart of the study of geography and science. These inquiry-based disciplines work together to increase our understanding of Earth and its systems. Integral to most activities are the geography standard skills-asking geographic questions, acquiring geographic information, organizing, analyzing, and answering the geographic questions.

Also integral to the activities are the methods of inquiry teaching, of assessment, and of systems thinking which forms the core of the science standards. As students explore the oceans, sampling the diversity of life and landforms at each of our 12 marine sanctuaries, we hope that these methods allow them to link the undersea world to their view of our blue planet.

Submit Your Own Activity!

If you are a teacher that has been inspired by the Sustainable Seas Expeditions and have developed a classroom activity for your students based on information from the expeditions, please send your activity to us so we can share it with others. The best activities will be posted on this Web site. Make sure to include your contact information and grade level information with your submission. We would also like any suggestions for improving the posted activities or adapting them for different grade levels and/or specific sanctuaries.

New activities and suggestions should be sent to:

Laura Francis

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