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Many of the events offer online interactive components - so check out what all of the sites are doing!







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Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale

If you live on the coast, or even if you live in Kansas, there are ways that you can get involved in education while the Sustainable Seas Expeditions dives are taking place at a sanctuary. If possible, take a visit to a sanctuary to participate in their educational events. If not, you can visit some of the events through these Web pages. We recognize the value of participation in education and have initiated opportunities to provide that experience to students, educators, and the general public.

open house activity

Open houses include hands-on, interactive activities focused on the marine environment.

Included on these pages are the education and outreach projects that are taking place during the two-week Sustainable Seas Expeditions dives. Each sanctuary has created projects and events unique to their sanctuary. Examples include:


open houses
•teacher at sea programs
•online learning programs
•volunteer activities

For Cordell Bank, Monterey Bay and Channel Islands, one of the initiatives offered is a Sanctuary Summit (an interactive session between high-school students and a panel of Sustainable Seas Expeditions experts). Information on these exciting events can be found on the
Sanctuary Summit pages.


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