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Student scientists from from across the Hawaiian Islands joined the SSE mission in Hawai`i. Read all about their experiences in the SSE January 12, January 13, and January 14 mission logs.

Don't forget to visit the Sustainable Seas Expeditions web site to find out all about the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary mission.

Educators be sure to check out the SSE Teacher Resource Book for great classroom activities and materials that highlight exciting explorations of our National Marine Sanctuaries.


New Mystery Photo of the Week!

Here, a spectacular display of molten lava pours into the ocean increasing the size of this state. Which state is it?
(answer below)









The whole secret of the study of nature lies in learning how to use one's eyes.

-Nouvelles Lettres d'un Voyageur, 1869








Mystery Photo:

The only U.S. state that is still growing geographically, as shown above, is Hawai'i.


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Many consider the depths of our ocean as uncharted as the American West before Lewis and Clark began their famous journey. These explorers set out on their trip to discover the vast resources that exist on our land. One great achievement of the Sustainable Seas Expeditions will be to follow in those footsteps and explore the undiscovered resources within our ocean.

"An important role of an educator is to foster within students the questioning attitude that is at the heart of the explorer. " - Sylvia Earle, Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society

In our classrooms is a new generation of ocean citizens. This generation includes future scientists, managers, voters, and explorers. The Sustainable Seas Expeditions provides a unique occasion to convey educational messages that motivate teachers, students, and constituents to become critical thinkers about ocean issues and to take an active role in caring for the oceans. You are invited to follow our progress during the Sustainable Seas Expeditions and perhaps even guide future missions.

The Sustainable Seas Expeditions Education Web pages incorporate descriptions and results from some of the major educational initiatives of the Sustainable Seas Expeditions. For easier use, the site is divided into what would be of interest to
students and educators and to educators only. Currently,the five west coast sanctuaries and two east coast sanctuary have information on these pages. Many elements of these pages will be expanded as the expeditions continue - please check our bulletin board for new offerings.

In addition to the information found here, there are other Sustainable Seas Expeditions Web pages that can be used to inspire education:

Follow the expeditions and read scientists' mission logs - updated daily!
Visit the photo gallery to see annotated photos of each sanctuary's unique features
Follow the scientific investigations from the expeditions
•Enter a NASA
live event to ask an expert a question about a particular dive or view live video uplink from the expeditions

These are your tools - use them and enhance them at will. Consider this a jumping off point for education on ocean exploration.

Goals of Sustainable Seas Expeditions Education

kids on boat

The Sustainable Seas Expeditions offer the unprecedented opportunity to instill the wonder of ocean exploration to the next generation.

The Sustainable Seas Expeditions is providing many ways for the sanctuaries to acheive their educational mission. The specific educational goals of the Sustainable Seas Expeditions include:

•promoting the oceans as a focus for public education
•increasing awareness and knowledge about the national marine sactuaries
•developing ocean stewardship skills in constituencies and encouraging active participation in ocean conservation


Content Sections

For Students and Educators

Site Events describes educational projects at each sanctuary during the Sustainable Seas Expeditions dives. The events are listed by individual sanctuary.

Sanctuary Summits are half-day interactive sessions designed to bring high school students and teachers together with experts to discuss Sustainable Seas Expeditions in the sanctuaries. This section includes an overview of the summit, post-summit summary, biographies of the panel experts, a list of student project ideas and selected projects to be completed, and a list of references on the summit topic. The summits are listed by the sanctuaries where they took place (not all sanctuaries offer a summit).

Resource Lists offers the best references that students and teachers can use to find out more information about a particular sanctuary. These references include books, brochures and newsletters, Web sites, and posters. The resources are listed by individual sanctuary.

For Educators Only

Sustainable Seas Expeditions Teacher Resource Book helps teachers develop classroom activities and materials that highlight the exciting SSE Expeditions. It includes background on NOAA's National Marine Sanctuaries and a look inside the SSE Expeditions. Educators will also find detailed information about the submersible, DeepWorker 2000.

Classroom Activities provides a list of activities relating to the Sustainable Seas Expeditions that teachers can use in their classrooms. The activities are organized by grade level.


For more information on Sustainable Seas Expeditions education, please contact:

Laura Francis
Education Coordinator, Sustainable Seas Expeditions
113 Harbor Way
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
(805) 966-7107 x463

For comments on the Sustainable Seas Expeditions Education Web offering, please contact:

Davida Remer
Rm. 9211
1305 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 713-3000 x145

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