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Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
SSE Accomplishments Report


The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary research vessel Ballena (shown if front of Arch Rock off Anacapa Island) acted as a support vessel during the missions.

The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary set out to accomplish several research objectives during a ten day Sustainable Seas Expedition. The first objective was to test the DeepWorker submersible as a research platform and to modify research protocols designed for use with the DeepWorker. To this end, 18 dives were completed around Santa Cruz and Anacapa Islands and data were gathered on fish assemblages and habitat. Other research activities conducted during the mission included mapping over 80 square nautical miles of bottom habitat using a U.S. Geological Survey high-resolution digital sidescan sonar. University California-Santa Barbara scientists conducted 20 full oceanographic and optic stations describing the physical oceanography of dive sites and sidescan areas.

Sidescan Sonar

During the 1999 Expedition in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary approximately 150 square kilometers of sidescan sonar data were collected. Sidescan sonar data processing is presently one third complete. Submersible dives were also made in the sidescan areas. Observations and video collected on the dives will complement the sidescan sonar data to provide benthic habitat maps.

Michael Neumann deploys one of the optics instruments used to collect data for a study on the relationship of satellite-sensed ocean color to chemical and biological parameters.

Mike Boyle and crew work on the sidescan sonar fish before beginning a night of sidescan operations.

Ed Cassano, sanctuary manager, prepares for his first dive off Anacapa Island.

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