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Gulf of the Farallones Issue Name: Water Quality  

Problem Statement:
Water quality within the Gulf of the Farallones NMS is generally good due to the rural nature of the coastline with no major industrial discharges and exposure of the coastline to the strong currents of the open ocean. Nevertheless, there are several potential threats to water quality in the Sanctuary that should be considered in revising the Management Plan. The rural estuarine habitats and adjacent coastal waters of Bolinas Lagoon, Tomales Bay, Estero Americano, and Estero de San Antonio are vulnerable to land-based nonpoint source pollution from livestock grazing, agricultural activities, past mining activities and poorly maintained septic systems. In addition, the discharge of the San Francisco Bay Estuary may periodically have an impact on the Sanctuary depending on coastal currents and is a source of pollution from 8 million people living in the Bay area, agricultural waste products from the Central Valley and residual sediments and metals from the California gold rush era. Other potential threats to water quality include diversion of fresh water, floating debris (e.g., plastics), accidental spills and residual materials from historical ocean dumping.

Working Group Participants:
~Working Group Contact~
Name Affiliation Email Phone
Jan Roletto GFNMS 415-561-6622
~Sanctuary Advisory Council Members (SAC) & Other Stakeholders ~
Name Affiliation  
Joe Dillon NMFS    
Brenda Donald GFNMS SAC    
Jack Gregg CA Coastal Commission    
Dominic Gregorio State Water Resources Control Board    
Ingrid Harrald FMSA    
Arleen Navaret SF Water Authority    
Holly Price MBNMS    
Jennifer Saltzman FMSA    
Jana Schackeroff CA Coastal Commission
~GFNMS Staff ~
Name Affiliation Email Phone

Working Group Timeline:
Start: December, 2002
Time Location Documents
December 20
9am-1pm Montara Sanitary District Meeting 1 Agenda (pdf 68K)
January 17
9am-4:30pm Oceanside Treatment Facility Meeting 2 Agenda (pdf 68K)
January 31
9am-4pm GFNMS Office Meeting 3 Agenda (pdf 56K)
February 10
March 11
March 28
April 8
April 25
May 5
May 19
Complete: May, 2003

Issue Characterization
  GF Water Quality (pdf 56K)
Goals and Objectives
  GF Water Quality Goals and Objectives (pdf 88K)
Working Group Information
  1.2 Workgroup Structure (pdf 60K)
  1.6 Consensus Based Decision Making (pdf 88K)
  1.7 Workgroup Process (pdf 72K)
  2.1 Template Stucture (pdf 28K)
  2.3b Cordell Bank Program Matrix (pdf 84K)
  2.3c Gulf of the Farallones Program Matrix (pdf 104K)
  2.4 Steps for Management Plans (pdf 52K)
  2.5 Sample Goals (pdf 84K)
  2.8 Potential Critieria (pdf 104K)
Additional Information

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