The National Marine Sanctuary Program science staff works to recognize, understand, forecast and respond to natural and human-caused environmental changes within the sanctuaries. Condition Reports and the Science Needs Assessment are two tools that are used to understand and respond to changes on both the site and system-wide level.

Stellwagen Bank 2007 report image
Learn more about Sanctuary Condition Reports by clicking here or the image above.

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Learn more about the Science Needs Assessment by clicking here or the image above.

Scientists must understand the natural and cultural resources.
Scientists monitor the status and trends of the condition of marine life and habitats.
Research projects allow scientists to address other information needs.
Historical Ecology
An innovative approach that helps us to characterize what the marine environment looked like in previous centuries.
Social science that describes the human dimension of the marine environment.
Sanctuary-related scientific documents, data, and maps, including the Sanctuary Conservation Series.

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