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Nim's Island tells the fictional story of an adventurous girl named Nim, who lives on a remote island in the South Pacific. You might think that because Nim lives far from "civilization" she would be very lonely. But Nim is blessed with many good friends, including a bird named Galileo, a lizard named Fred, a green sea turtle named Chica, and a sea lion named Selkie who looks after Nim as though she were one of Selkie's pups. As a book, Nim's Island is a fun, engaging read. As a movie, the story expands beautifully to fit the big screen, becoming as informative a look at marine life in the ocean, as it is a story packed with intrigue and adventure.

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Although Nim's Island is a make-believe place, there are special places in the ocean called national marine sanctuaries.

In theaters: April 4, 2008
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More about the Walden Media film and the book by Wendy Orr.

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SCAVENGER HUNT: Participate in our virtual Nim's Island scavenger hunt. Find one of Nim's ocean friends that is threatened by marine debris, like floating plastics in the ocean.

HINT:All seven species of this ocean animal are listed as threatened or endangered. Search in the "Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument" encyclopedia.

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These marine protected areas are living classrooms where people can see, touch and learn about our nation's underwater treasures, as well as protect them for this and future generations. The ocean sustains life on Earth and humans must live in ways that sustain the ocean.

ocean guardian kid's club iconNim's Ocean Guardian Kid's Club offers children a stimulating opportunity to express their insights, observations and understanding of their natural environment through the creation of original stories, poetry and visual art. All K-8 students are eligible and encouraged to join...find out more!

ocean guardian kid's club iconDoes your class want to make a difference and promote environmental conservation at your school or in your local community? Your whole class can get involved as an Ocean Guardian Classroom, so get involved!

Nim's best friend is Selkie, the sea lion. Now you can have a sea lion for a best friend too! Sanctuary Sam is a California sea lion. He is four feet seven inches tall and more than seven feet long from his nose to tail! Sanctuary Sam weighs 550 pounds. He does a lot of swimming and he eats herring, capelin, squid, sardines and mackerel.

Sanctuary Sam has an important job! Sam is the National Marine Sanctuary Program's Spokes-sea lion. Sam wants kids to know that it is important to take care of the marine environment..

Watch Sanctuary Sam's interview video when he applied for the job!

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