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Current Management Plans & Regulations

Cordell Bank Management Plan

Cover and Abstract (pdf 1.3MB)

Table of Contents (pdf 384K)

Executive Summary (pdf 152K)

Part I: Introduction (pdf 500K)

Part II: Management Plan (pdf 3MB)

Part III: Alternatives, Including the Preferred Alternative (pdf 692K)

Part IV: Environmental Consequences (pdf 1004K)

Part V: List of Preparers & Part VI: List of Agencies, Organizations and Persons Receiving Copies & Part VII: References (pdf 408K)

Part VIII: Appendicies (pdf 1.3 MB)

Entire Management Plan (LARGE pdf 8.8 MB)

Gulf of the Farallones Management Plan

Cover (pdf 68K)

Table of Contents (pdf 132K)

Executive Summary (pdf 2.2MB)

Section I: Introduction (pdf 1MB)

Section II: Sanctuary Environment (pdf 24.6 MB)

Section III: Action Plan (pdf 8.4 MB)

Section IV: Administration (pdf 324K)

Appendicies (pdf 1 MB)

Entire Management Plan (LARGE pdf 38.3 MB)


Monterey Bay Management Plan (links)


Table of Contents

Part I: Executive Summary

Part II: Affected Environment

Part III: Alternatives including the Preferred Alternative

Part IV: Environmental Consequences

PartV: Sanctuary Management Plan

Part VI: List of Preparers and Acknowledgements

Part VII: List of Agencies, Organizations and Persons Receiving Copies

Part VIII: References

Part IX: Appendices


Sanctuary Regulations

Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary (pdf 44K)

Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary (pdf 56K)

New GFNMS Jet Ski Regulation (pdf 72K)

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (pdf 72K)

National Marine Sanctuary Program Regulations 15 CPR 922 (pdf 525K)


Current Management Plans | Sanctuary Regulations


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