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MBNMS Sanctuary Advisory Council Recommendations to NOAA on the Proposed Action Plans 7/31-8/1 & 8/22/03

The following actions taken by the Sanctuary Advisory Council represent modifications to the Proposed Action Plans as forwarded to the Sanctuary Advisory Council on June 10, 2003. Unless noted in the PDF document, the SAC has recommended all other Strategies and Activities as proposed by the working group or internal team.

The Sanctuary Advisory Council recommended the following modifications or actions on a consensus basis unless otherwise noted.

MBNMS SAC Recommendations to NOAA (pdf 168K)
MBNMS SAC Recommendations to NOAA (HTML)

MBNMS Proposed Action Plans 6/10/03

Documents on this web site mirror a report to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council which is comprised of the draft action plans developed by the working groups and internal teams. This report only includes Action Plans developed by MBNMS working groups and those developed by the Cross Cutting working groups. It does not include action plans developed to address site- specific issues for the Cordell Bank or Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuaries. MBNMS and NMSP staff have produced this report to provide the opportunity for the MBNMS SAC and members of the public to review and comment on the working group recommendations relevant to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary prior to preparation of the Draft Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement. See the introduction for more information about this report.

Please keep in mind that these proposed action plans may not look exactly like the final draft action plans developed by working groups andinternal teams. The draft action plans were reformatted for consistency and readability across all the issues. In particular, individual strategies and activities were made to be more proactive. Every attempt was made NOT to alter the original intent of strategies and activities. 

Note, if you are having trouble dowloading some of the larger documents: A CD-ROM version is also available. Call MBNMS at 831-647-4201.

MBNMS Proposed Action Plans
Cover Letter to SAC coverletter (pdf 68K)
1. Introduction
2. Coastal Development
  Coastal Armoring         
  Harbors and Dredge Disposal  
  Submerged Cables  
3. Ecosystem Protection
  Benthic Habitats  
  Big Sur Coastal Ecosystem Coordination Plan  
  Davidson Seamount  
  Emerging Issues  
  Introduced Species  
  Krill harvesting  
  Special Marine Protected Areas updated 10/17 (link)
4. Operations and Administration
5. Partnerships and Opportunities
  Fishing Related Research and Education   
  Interpretive Facilities  
  Multicultural Outreach  
6. Water Quality
  Beach Closures and Contamination  
  Cruise Ship Discharges  
  Revise MOA  
  Water Quality Protection Program Implementation  
7. Wildlife Disturbance
  Marine Mammal/Seabird/Turtle Disturbance   
  Motorized Personal Watercraft  
  Tidepool Protection  
8. Cross Cutting Action Plans
  Boundary Issues  
  Community Outreach  
  Cultural Resources  
  Ecosystem Monitoring  
9. Appendices
  Appendix 1 - List of Acronyms   
  Appendix 2 - Sanctuary Advisory Council Membership  

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