photo of a northern elephant seal up close

Northern elephant seal, Greater Farallones, NMS. Photo: Mike Baird, NOAA

Abundance of Life

National marine sanctuaries provide homes and food for a vast array of life, from tiny krill to charismatic orcas. Sanctuaries seek to preserve the extraordinary biodiversity of these special places for current and future generations.


krill on a tip of a finger

Krill, Cordell Bank NMS. Photo: Sophie Webb/NOAA

2 laysan albatross with a sunset in the background

Laysan albatross, Papahānaumokuākea MNM. Photo: NOAA

photo of an orca breaching

Orca, Olympic Coast NMS. Photo: NWFSC

Photo of a white blue eyed bird

Black seabass, Gray's Reef NMS. Photo: Greg McFall/NOAA

photo of shark

Blacktip reef shark, NMS of American Samoa. Photo: Mike Nadon/NOAA