Get into the Blue

Whether you’re seeking adventure or a cozy place to bask in the sun, national marine sanctuaries have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Dive in!

Surf, sail, kayak and paddleboard while taking in some of the most amazing scenery in the country. Strap on your scuba gear and descend to live-bottom reefs, coral gardens, kelp forests and historic shipwrecks. Catch a glimpse of whales breaching and feeding, rare birds landing at an island rookery after a long migration, or elephant seals gathering for breeding season. Cast your line into the sportfishing opportunities that abound in these protected environments. Or stop by your sanctuary visitor center for interactive exhibits that will help you learn about the ecosystems, artifacts and coastal communities that make each sanctuary unique.

In national marine sanctuaries, you can play, explore, relax, and create lasting memories above and below the waves — all while helping to protect America’s most treasured underwater places.

Plan a visit to national marine sanctuary today!