women standing inside a fallen tree on the beach
Picture perfect: sanctuaries like Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary are a photographer's heaven. Photo: Danielle Schwarzmann/NOAA

Recreation in Sanctuaries

Sanctuaries provide an idyllic setting for a variety of recreational activities. From wreck diving to surfing, satisfy your taste for adventure while building a connection to these special areas.

snorkeler, Channel Islands NMS; Photo Rocio Lozano/MERITO Foundation;
Snorkler, CINMS. Photo: Rocio Lozano/MERITO Foundation
boy fishing from beach, Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale NMS; Photo Matt McIntosh/NOAA;
Boy fishing from beach, HIHWNMS. Photo: Matt McIntosh/NOAA
a pair of people wind surfing, Monterey Bay NMS; Photo Robert Schwemmer/NOAA;
People wind surfing, MBNMS. Photo: Robert Schwemmer/NOAA
scuba diver looking at a coral reef, Gray’s Reef NMS; Photo Greg McFall/NOAA;
Scuba diver and coral reef, GRNMS. Photo: Greg McFall/NOAA
man fishing Monterey Bay NMS; Kate Thompson/NOAA;
Man fishing, MBNMS. Photo: Kate Thompson/NOAA
diver examing a shipwreck in shallow water Thunder Bay NMS; David J. Ruck/NOAA;
Diver examining shipwreck, TBNMS. Photo: David J. Ruck/NOAA
person surfing Olympic Coast NMS; Kate Thompson/NOAA;
Person surfing, OCNMS. Photo: Kate Thompson/NOAA
kid getting ready to go canoeing Channel Islands NMS; Claire Fackler/NOAA;
Kid going canoeing, CINMS. Photo: Claire Fackler/NOAA
snorkeler swimming above a coral reef NMS of American Samoa; Wendy Cover/NOAA;
Snorkeler above coral reef, NMSAS. Photo: Wendy Cover/NOAA
kid on the beach heading toward the water with a surfboard Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale NMS; Kate Thompson/NOAA;
Kid holding a surfboard, HIHWNMS. Photo: Kate Thompson/NOAA
sail boat on the water Channel Islands NMS; Robert Schwemmer/NOAA;
Sail boat, CINMS. Photo: Robert Schwemmer/NOAA
people getting read to go out on jetskis Florida Keys NMS; David J. Ruck/NOAA;
People on Jetskis, FKNMS. Photo: David J. Ruck/NOAA
diver filming coral reef Cordell Bank NMS; Joe Hoyt/NOAA;
Diver filming coral reef, CBNMS. Photo: Joe Hoyt/NOAA
paddleboader on the water Channel Islands NMS; Kate Thompson/NOAA;
Paddleboarder on the water, CINMS. Photo: Kate Thompson/NOAA
person holding up a fish they caught Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale NMS; Matt McIntosh/NOAA;
Person holding up a fish, HIHWNMS. Photo: Matt McIntosh/NOAA
diver near a swirling school of fish Flower Garden Banks NMS; Emma Hickerson/NOAA;
Diver surrounded by school of fish, FGBNMS. Photo: Emma Hickerson/NOAA
people doing yoga on the beach Olympic Coast NMS; Karlyn Langjahr/NOAA;
People doing yoga on the beach, OCNMS. Photo: Karlyn Langjahr/NOAA
diver looking at a coral reef Gray’s Reef NMS; NMS Greg McFall/NOAA;
Diver and coral reef, GRNMS. Photo: Greg McFall/NOAA
man kayaking Monterey Bay NMS; Kate Thompson/NOAA;
Man kayaking, MBNMS. Photo: Kate Thompson/NOAA
paddleboarder Greater Farallones; Matt McIntosh/NOAA;
Man surfing, GFNMS. Photo: Matt McIntosh/NOAA