Which Sanctuary Personality Are You? Which Sanctuary Personality Are You?


Are you a sea lion or an angler fish? Are you a sea lion or an angler fish?

Sea lions are incredibly social, gregarious animals found in many West Coast national marine sanctuaries. As a sea lion, you have many friends and interests, and get your energy from spending time with others. You like to spark conversations and are quick to take action.

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Anglerfish are found in deep-sea habitats of national marine sanctuaries like Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
As an anglerfish, you prefer to spend time alone and have a few deep friendships. Generally quiet, you like to focus on your inner world.

Are you a coral or an humpback whale? Are you a coral or an humpback whale?

From Flower Garden Banks to American Samoa, corals form the base of many national marine sanctuary ecosystems. As a coral, you are detail-oriented, think in concrete terms and focus on the present.

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Whales like the humpback whale travel all over the world each year to their feeding and breeding grounds. As a humpback whale, you are creative and imaginative. You like to see the big picture and focus on the future.

Are you a octopus or an whale shark? Are you a octopus or an whale shark?

Found throughout national marine sanctuaries, octopuses have neurons distributed throughout their arms that help them gather information. As an octopus, you make decisions based on logic and are interested in ideas and facts.

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Whale sharks travel throughout tropical waters and are often spotted in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. As a whale shark, you prefer to make decisions based on how you feel and are interested in people and emotions.

Are you a turtle or an garibaldi? Are you a turtle or an garibaldi?

Found throughout national marine sanctuaries, sea turtles spend much of their time in the open ocean. As a sea turtle, you prefer to “go with the flow” — you change your plans and adapt quickly, and like to simply let life happen.

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Strongly territorial fish found in the kelp forests and rocky reefs of Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, garibaldis like to be in control. As a garibaldi, you are strongly organized and like to make your plans in advance.

use your letter to determine your sanctuary personality type

The National Marine Sanctuary System is made up of special places around the country that have unique and distinctive personalities all their own. Follow the letters to determine which sanctuary’s personality you share.

letters s,h,w,g

Olympic Coast

The Mentor - Seek continuity through harmony & collective values.

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary hosts one of North America’s most productive marine ecosystems and spectacular undeveloped coastlines. The sanctuary also has a rich cultural and historical legacy, particularly for the contemporary cultures of the Quinault Nation and Makah, Quileute and Hoh Indian tribes.

letters s,h,w,t

Greater Farallones

The Discoverer - Are initiators of change, keenly perceptive of possibilities.

Encompassing highly productive marine habitats and home to diverse wildlife, Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary protects one of the most bountiful marine envi- ronments in the world.

letters a,h,w,t

Cordell Bank

The Idealist - Are creative types and often have a gift for language.

Cordell Bank rises from the soft sediments of the seafloor and provides a rocky habitat that is home to colorful and abundant invertebrates, algae and fishes. Plentiful food in these waters attracts mammals, seabirds and turtles from around the Pacific Ocean.

letters s,c,w,t

Monterey Bay

The Performer - Live in the moment, experiencing life to the fullest.

Known as the “Serengeti of the Sea,” Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary contains vast kelp forests, incredibly diverse habitats, near-shore deep-ocean environments and one of North America’s largest underwater canyons.

letters s,c,o,t

Channel Islands

The Doer - Are hands-on learners who live in the moment.

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary contains a pro- ductive ecosystem and protects sensitive species, habitats, and shipwrecks and other maritime heritage artifacts.

letters s,h,o,t


The Inventor - Adept at directing relationships between means and ends.

One of the largest fully protected conservation areas in the United States, Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monu- ment was created to protect an exceptional array of natural and cultural resources. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site inscribed for both its outstanding natural and cultural heritage.

letters a,c,w,g

Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale

The Nurturer - They are steadfast in handling their responsibilities.

Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary pro- tects the breeding, calving and nursing grounds used by the majority of humpback whales in the North Pacific.

letters s,c,w,g

American Samoa

The Caregiver - Project warmth with a genuine interest in other’s well-being.

Located in the South Pacific and containing Rose Atoll Marine Nation- al Monument, National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa is the most remote sanctuary and the only true tropical reef in the National Marine Sanctuary System.

letters a,c,w,t

Rose Atoll

The Artist - Tend to examine the world with all five of their senses.

Located within National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, Rose Atoll Marine National Monument protects the remote Rose Atoll and its surrounding waters. It gets its name from the rosy hue of the coral- line algae that dominates its fringing reef.

letters a,h,o,g

Thunder Bay

The Mastermind - Require independence of thought and desire efficiency.

Nicknamed “Shipwreck Alley,” Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary protects one of America’s best-preserved and nationally-significant collections of shipwrecks.

letters a,c,o,t

Stellwagen Bank

The Craftsman - Excel at analyzing situations to reach the heart of a problem.

Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary is one of the world’s premiere whale watching destinations, a historically important fishing ground, and the resting place for significant shipwrecks that reveal our maritime past.

letters s,h,o,g


The CEO - Focus on the most efficient means of performing a task.

Headquarters of the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries supports the system of 13 national marine sanctuaries and Papahānaumokuākea and Rose Atoll marine national monuments.

letters s,c,o,g


The Supervisor - Take a practical approach to life guided by their focus on realism.

Designated as the nation’s first national marine sanctuary, Moni- tor National Marine Sanctuary protects the wreck of the famed Civil War ironclad USS Monitor.

letters a,h,w,g

Gray’s Reef

The Counselor - They seek meaning in relationships, ideas, and events.

The natural live-bottom reef at Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary teems with marine life. Loggerhead turtles rest at the reef, where scientists have identified more than 200 fish species, and the endangered North Atlantic right whale bears its young near the sanctuary.

letters a,c,o,g

Florida Keys

The Inspector - They keep their lives and environments well-regulated.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is home to the world’s third-largest barrier coral reef, extensive seagrass beds, mangrove islands, and more than 6,000 species of marine life. Archaeological treasures such as shipwrecks represent the rich maritime history of the Keys.

letters a,h,o,t

Flower Garden Banks

The Scientist - They are curious about systems and how things work.

Home to manta rays, whale sharks, sea turtles and large coral heads, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary includes underwater communities sitting atop submerged mountains called salt domes that rise from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

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